I have a problem with the glass hatch window on my E91 (2010) Touring.

When it was open the tailgate pop hatch window caught a strong gust of wind, which pushed it "more open" i.e. towards the front of the car.

This seems to have bent the hinges or something as the glass is not sitting evenly now, the window is catching on the bodywork when opening and closing, and the catch isn't aligning properly so it takes a good jiggle to get it shut.

With the hatch shut the spoiler doesn't align with the roof and looks wavy.

Anyone had this happen before, is there an easy fix to adjust the hinges?

I don't know if this would be considered a warranty job or not any view on that.

I really don't want to make a claim on my insurance as my last car (E87 123D MSport) was badly vandalised a week before I traded it in so not looking to happy on the NCB at the moment.