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I'm a fan of dodo juice but must admit that the hard waxes can be a bit of a pain and are prone to leaving holograms.

(not sure about the red mist tropical quick detailer though as that also seems to cause hologramming).

Ive been watching this thread for a while, and this caught my eye a little bit. I think theres been a little confusion here mate, Waxing will only cause a hologram type effect if not buffed away properly... I always buff over my car again after removing the wax as any residue left will let down the finish. But a Quick Detailer itself will not cause hologramming whatsoever.

Have you thought about your paintwork itself having hologramming through poor wash technique, and the other products your using are masking them up temporarily. Hologramming is whats caused when thousands of little swirls show up in the paintwork close together. The easiest way to do this is through dirty washmitts and swiping the drying cloth as opposed to patting the car dry. However hologram swirls are much shallower than regular swirls and are therefore much easier to mask up as they are only about 0.5 - 2 microns thick generally. So when your saying your getting hologramming from your QD, your probably just seeing the damage you have just caused to your paint...

Also using a wax on paintwork thats hot will cause the wax to have a shorter life & if its effortless to buff away then probably hasn't cured fully.

Also I noted a comparison of SRP & Ultra Deep Shine... Super Resin has questionable results when applied by hand due to the fact that it is a combination of cut and filler compounds so the argument can be that SRP contradicts itself in a sense. However UDS is just a filler compound and to be honest the results are neglegible & I wouldn't bother as it will take hours of work to get a semi-decent finish which would more than likely last less than a week as the first time it rains all the fillers will be washed away. And no wax will not stop this occuring as the wax on the swirls/scratches will only be sticking to the filler compounds from the UDS anyway.

On the face of it, Dodo Juice products vary in quality. Wax wise, I would say yes they are over rated, but products like Lime Prime Light will work brilliantly as a wax prep, as it will remove contaminants and residues. However I personally swear by Colli 915 Marque De Elegance wax-wise for its brilliant clear coat and durability. But it is all down to preference.

wax I have used to apply is Vics Concourse and that is a very light wax which is easy to buff, though durability I haven't been able to test yet.

However its unfair to say all of DJ's products are overrated as I have just bought a spin doctor to replace my silverline and its much better & for the price you pay I would say its the best in its class by a long way. Also I rate the Born To Be Mild shampoo, which the best I've had in a while.

Every Manufacturer will have some gimmicky & overpriced products, its just the way it is... All this is from personal experience by the way and as I previously mentioned its all about preferance. I know alot of people will think I'm being ignorant here but Narvin will vouch for me on this as he is now a convert, once you see how much you have to work a 'proper' polish with a machine that is working at a pace of more than 2000x more that a person, it makes you realise that realistically hand polishing is not going to get you an amazing result unless you spend a week on just the polishing stage. And the same with waxes people just lightly apply a wax and buff off and moan that its only lasted a few days... A wax must be worked onto the properly prepared paintwork to achieve a good bond, and then must be properly cured in the right conditions to ensure optimum results...

Now who wants to hit me first?

Just my 2pence