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come to think of it is their anything that can be used to get rid of the stains, its like its burnt the topcoat of the lacquer. polishing makes it shiny but still see it underneath.
Clay it?? It really hard to get rid of bird etchings thats why if one does the doodoo on the motor get it off as soon as possible! Perfection Detailing on here had a 335 with loads of bird etchings on it and it proved to be a total biznatch to correct but he did do it... Might be worth giving him a shout..

I feel sooo sorry for you though! Dont park under a tree next time!!

I came out from college today and the seagulls love to hang around there and I had a stream of thick bird crap on my freshly cleaned car.. luckily it was just the full length of the windsccreen and my paintwork wasn't touched...