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Stunning work as usual Rob, you ever thought of supplying your customers with some small stickers with your business name on and number? Would be a good way to advertise your skills and the sticker may get in on a photo in future
Thank you my good man,
not a fan of the little stickers though, some of the cars I prepare are one of's and not seen for a year sometimes, wouldn't really want a dirty or neglected car going round advertising my name.
The customer for the photoshoot did have enough of my business cards to pass on though and came back with none, some were supposedly meant to be discreetly placed in view.

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yeah bot the mag two days ago..the cars stunnin!ps..how difficult is it too use a polishing machine..is it dangerous on the car?
A random orbital/dual action polisher is far more forgiving than the rotary, both can be used well with a little practice, ideally on scrap panels first.