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    I've heard Blackfire is supposed to be a class leading product by some 'quotations' from some americans. Its not stocked widely but found that Polished Bliss sell it. This sounds too good to be true, 1 product that does all of the above! I often find that a single product designed to do a specific job usually performs best. I'm interested in giving it a go as it would save me time, but I don't want to waste money on typical hyped up product that every tom dick and harry raves about simply believing what the marketing slogans etc.

    This is a quote from about the product

    Blackfire Gloss Enhancing Polish is a non-abrasive combined finishing polish and glaze that does away with the need for separate final polishing and glazing steps. It is designed to mask minor defects and dramatically enhance gloss in order to create the illusion that paint is dripping wet. Advanced chemical cleaning agents strip away old layers of wax or sealant protection, deep cleanse the surface of the paint and visually reduce the extent of swirl marks by rounding over the edges and robbing sunlight of sharp edges off which to reflect. This cutting-edge polish may be applied by hand or dual action machine polisher with equally good results, using either a Lake Country German CCS Polishing Pad or a Lake Country 165 mm CCS Technology Glazing Pad respectively.

    Cut: 1/10 Gloss: 9/10

    Has anyone used BlackFire?
    Does it do what it claims?
    What is it like to work with?
    Any pictures?
    Let the fun times roll .....

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    I think you should try it on your Supra first DSK

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