Hi guys i am new on here and not very technical when it comes to things like this so was hoping you guys maybe able to help me.

I have tried to have a look on the forums but cant seem to find an answer to my questions.

I have 2007 (56 plate) 520d M Sport with non projector headlights and wanted to upgrade them to the Projector headlights from the facelift models. I have two seperate people offering me two seperate headlights (o/s and /ns) but one is from a 2007 model and one from a 2009 model, is there any difference between these two headlights?

Also neither headlight has the xenon machinery or kit with them (just the headlight, and nothing else), can i purchase the xenon kit as a aftermarket kit with the bulbs and just install into these headlights?

Finally how much are the headlights worth, what should i be paying for them?

I really appriciate any information you guys can provide as i am looking to pick these up tomorrow.

Thanks in advance...