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hi thats a bit steep mate.. and no thats not true about the rear screen needing to be removed..

ive been there and have helped him out many times tinting various types of cars including my own e36 and 3 other e46 models and never has he removed the rear screen. however the drop glass does need to be removed..

i spoke to him earlier today and he says he will also do an extra 10% off for all ***************** members..

give him a shout on 07594333633 for a price..

you wont be disappointed with the quality of his work.. considering that range rover dealership send their brand spanking new cars to him on a daily basis and have been doing for over 6 months or so says a lot about the finish you can expect. also comes with lifetime guarantee.
Hi i would get them done but i live in the isle of man so it would cost me about 250quid just to get to liverpool lol thanks very much for the help i might give him a ring if im in the UK with the car sometime
many thanks Dayle