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Cheers mate

I'm toying with the idea of taking the back seats having either a roll cage or a rear strut brace in it as well to improve the power to weight

Also remove the space saver tire?

Any opinions?

Anybody know how much weight i'd save by removing these and are there any other better ways to reduce either weight or unsprung weight?

really? your thinking of losing the back seats?? unless your thinking of using your car on a track I wouldn't go for that mate!

would certainly shed some weight and improve handling with a rear strut brace or roll cage...but its still a road car.. just my opinion though mate, don't count for sh*t really lol!

i've taken the spare out of my car aswell, I figure if I get a puncture i'm better off getting towed by AA than driving with 3 18" wheels and 1 thats probably about 13" lol!