I got some GLIPTONE light grey leather dye from one of myson's for christmas, and have just tried using it on my front seats, as they were well scuffed. I have got to say, I'm not very impressed so far. For a start, I found out very quickly, you have to be pretty accurate as to where you want it to apply to, as I found out when I accidently caught the dark grey outer part of the door card, and the black plastic door handle surround. What a bugger to get off.
As for the finish to the seats, I applied the dye to the seats with a sponge as recommended, but they look all streaky and messy. Have I done something wrong? when they are fully dry, will they buff off? as the info supplied with the product, could have been written on the back of a postage stamp, with space to spare!
I used a leather treatment product years ago, supplied by WOOLIES of Peterborough, which came with full comprehensive instructions, and the results were tremendous, instantaniously.
Has anyone else experienced these same concerns with Gliptone? Help please!!