Replacing E34 Windscreen Wiper Linkage. (Very Pic Heavy)


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  1. Replacing E34 Windscreen Wiper Linkage. (Very Pic Heavy) 
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    OK as some of you may already know, the E34 has a common fault with the bushes on the passenger side of the windscreen wiper linkage wearing and causing the wiper to come into contact with the bonnet when in operation causing wear to the bonnet and wiper arm.
    I sourced a cheap replacment linkage on eBay got it for £30 delivered and took a chance that it would be Ok! They are nearly £400 from the dealer!

    So I thought I would do a How-to on this as I knew before I started that it was gonna be a PITA!

    First things first, remove the wiper arms from the spindles with a 13mm spanner

    Then remove the scuttle panels, its simply a case of popping out all the plastic rivets with a flatblade screwdriver, however it is advisable to have a supply of spares as they can be brittle if old!

    Next using a 27mm socket remove the large nut around each of the spindles

    And remove the rubber gasket from around the entire engine bay

    Pop open the covering that goes over the cables in the loom and remove the two small bolts from here using a 7mm socket

    And remove the two plastic nuts under the cover here, using a 10 mm spanner or socket

    This cover is held on by 8 small clips which can be pryed open with a screw driver, this will get it out of the way!

    Unfortunately the rest cannot be removed due to the way the loom is fitted in to it, causing it to be a bit of a squeeze later!

    There is another 7mm bolt at the bottom of the panel at either end

    Then it can be removed!

    Then you will find this plastic cover over the heater matrix, it is very flexible and can be manipulated out of its position!

    Now you can see the plastic cowling for the heater matrix itself.

    Here you can see a small bracket that hold the wiper linkage in position, there is a 10mm bolt holding it to the bodywork and another that holds the linkage to the bracket.

    Removing the ECU cover allows much better access to the bolts

    Here you can also see the grey connecting plug for the wiper motor which needs disconnecting!

    Now back to the cowling for the heater matrix.

    This needs to be removed in two parts, and there is a plastic strap holding the centre section in place, pop it open! then remove the cover. Its a bit of a swine, but with some persuasion and wiggling it will come out!

    Now you can see the blower motor and fans! next on the right hand side of the cowling (from the front of the car) there is a small cover prise it open with a flatblade screwdriver then disconnect the connecting rod from the linkage, taking care not to damage it!

    There is a small spring clip holding the blower motor in position, prise it off with a flatblade screwdriver, (it is awkward) then it will come out after the two spade connectors have been disconnected, there is very little room to pull the blower motor out but it will come with patience (and some expletives) there is a little give in each of the fans which makes it a little easier!

    Dunno why i'm pulling a stupid face here!

    Or here!

    Next for removal is the outer cowling, this is the bit that is a real PITA! as its tight and there is a cable for the temp sensor which comes over the top of it but is held in place by a small tab which I couldn't see so was getting very angry when it wouldn't budge!!!

    Here is the tab on the back that the cable was behind!

    Now thats removed the linkage is free to come out, again with a little persuasion!

    hallelujah!!!!!!!!! (Dumb-assed face optional!!!)

    Heres the two linkages side by side!

    Wiper motor removed

    Fitting it to the replacement linkage!

    Then connect the linkage to the motor!

    Now its simply a case of installation is the reverse of removal!

    The reason that it required changing in the first place!

    All re-assembled

    Wiper test

    Job done and well deserved

    This job took me 2 hours, start to finish, with no guide or having attempted it before, hopefully this guide will make it easier for anyone that wishes to do this in the future!

    Thanks for reading guys!

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