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  1. Pixel repair to MID at instrument cluster 
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    I have just SUCCESSFULLY repaired my MID pixel display in my Instrument Cluster and wanted to share with you my experience with the replacement Ribbon Cable (currently available on E-Bay, See: BRAND NEW LCD RIBBON CABLE BMW E38 E39 X5, 5 7 SERIES ).

    As a brief guide - to be read in conjunction with the fitting instructions accompying the new ribbon cable:
    1. You would need to follow (CAREFULLY) the thread for accessing the MID LED and ribbon, including drilling those holes beneath the dials (Scary stuff) this was the absolutely scaryest part of the project - heart in hand stuff but take your time and you can get it right with no visible damage on the finished job: (see: http://www.bimmerboard.com/forums/posts/543597).
    2. Purchase the ribbon cable and some Plastic safe Electrical contact cleaner and a few Cotton buds. NOTE: DO NOT USE ACETONE! or Nail Polish remover!! This damages plastic and will definately screw the new Ribbon Cable (I KNOW FIRST HAND and i had to complete the repair today with a second ribbon sent to me free of charge from the E-seller! this is part of their commitment to customer satisfaction - hat's off to them!).
    3. Remove the LCD and ribbon assembly as described in the thread and clean the PC board gold contacts as described in the thread then with with the Electrical cleaner sprayed on to the cotton bud.
    4. Then remove the clips holding the LCD display, remove the 'old' ribbon cable and clean the LCD contact area for the ribbon cable in the same manner described above. The LCD has no visible metal contacts however, in sunlight you can see the 'contact fingers' etched into the LCD glass. The ribbon does NOT go into the LCD glass as suggested in other threads!
    5. Fit card spacers under the rubber pressure pads as described.
    5. Fit the new Ribbon cable and ensure this allignment to the contacts of the LCD. Sunlight works great to see the LCD contacts also there are dots on the LCD to show the LCD contact location to make allignment of the Ribbon cable easier.
    6. Fit the metal clamp CAREFULLY to secure the LCD to the housing ensuring the Ribbon and LCD contacts are in allignment. DO NOT BEND THE RIBBON - let it flex on its own or you will break the conductor traces in the ribbon.
    7. For me the bigger challenge was to align the assembled LCD to the PC board. You will take a few trys and by using a credit card or stiff cardboard you can skew the ribbon to get the contacts to align just right. Any misalignment of the ribbon contacts and the PC board contacts and it will NOT work so take your damn time and try as many times necessarry!

    Guys - This worked for me!
    Thank you for your time and i hope this can help.

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    sum good info there , this should be a sticky as its a common thing on the e38 e39's , cheers

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    WELL DONE!!! .. that sounds like some kinda fix ..

    Me? .. I just about managed to clean my plugs today (was missing slightly when cold) .. seems to have cleared up now! Thank god.



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