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    so I 'borrowed' this idea from colinn on 206info and when I uploaded the pictures of my car here, a couple people showed interest in a how to...

    im not responsible for anything you screw up trying this, if you dont feel like you are capable, dont do it.

    so here it is!

    youll need a sat nav that can turn on when it gets external power and turn off when it loses external power

    I'm using a TomTom start 20

    Things you'll need:

    cross head screw driver
    flat head screw driver
    soldering iron
    insulation tape
    wire strippers
    drill bit to make a hole for the cable
    razor/stanley blade
    super glue
    sat nav
    sun visor
    spare cigarette lighter
    cigarette lighter to USB adapter

    pictures wont be brilliant as i was using an iPod touch but they should give an idea

    step 1:
    clear your workspace

    step 2:
    remove current visor

    un clip from the left, then 2 screws on the right

    Step 3:
    wire in the new cigarette lighter

    remove sun roof switch panel and interior light

    solder wires into sunroof loom, pink to purple/white, yellow/green to brown

    then plug in USB adapter

    Step 4:
    tape everything up for safety

    Step 5:
    Prepare the nav unit

    remove suction mount where possible/applicable
    find setting to shut nav down when external power is lost - turn this option on otherwise your nav will have a flat battery every time you come to use it

    Step 6:
    cut the mirror out of the visor

    cut as close to the mirror as possible to keep it looking neat

    Step 7:
    Cut diagonally at the corners closest to the window to allow you to remove the mirror

    Step 8:
    remove the mirror

    it helps to bend the visor, just be careful you dont rip the visor

    Step 9:
    take the mirror out of its casing

    it can help to get the mirror casing out

    Step 10:
    mirror out

    Step 11:
    cut the end off the mirror casing

    along the bottom of the widest part

    should be left with this

    Step 12:
    put nav in and mark where to cut

    push the nav unit in through the hole the mirror came out of

    mark out smaller than the screen, you can always cut more away

    Step 13:
    remove nav, make initial cuts

    put nav back in turned on so you can see what needs trimming

    Step 14:
    remove as much foam from around where the nav will sit as possible

    taking the foam out from around where the nav will bulge makes it smoother

    Step 15:
    make a hole for the power cable

    use a drill bit to start with, slowly making it larger, needs to end up as a channel to make it easier to get the end in

    Step 16:
    push the power cable through

    Step 17:
    plug the nav in and push it into place

    Step 18:
    Put the mirror back in and glue the sides down

    Step 19:
    blot the visor back into the car

    Step 20:
    run the power cable behind the headlining and towards the centre

    then plug into the usb adapter on the extra cigarette lighter you wired up earlier

    Step 21:
    Test it comes on when you turn the car on

    and goes off when you turn the car off

    anyone who can think of a way to make this better or more readable please let me know

    also any questions ask away, if i can ill help

    hope ive helped

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    Wow this is a good mod mate! how do you update it though? you would have to take it all out surely?

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