How to get BMW TIS running in 64bit Windows Vista, XP x64, 7 64bit and Apple MAC OSX!


Thread: How to get BMW TIS running in 64bit Windows Vista, XP x64, 7 64bit and Apple MAC OSX!

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  1. How to get BMW TIS running in 64bit Windows Vista, XP x64, 7 64bit and Apple MAC OSX! 
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    Hi there, this is my second computer based "How to" and I hope you find it somewhat useful. This can be applied to VMWare Workstation for Apple mac and Linux also as the interface and settings are the same as they are for windows

    Firstly you will need to purchase/have the following software:

    VMWare Workstation (Im using v7.1.3 in this "How to")
    A valid copy of Windows XP 32bit
    Your copy of TIS

    So strictly speaking this is not a free way of doing it but never the less it works.

    I am going to assume you have installed VMWare workstation and rebooted your computer. It's pretty simple, do a typical install, put your product serial number in then reboot when prompted. It does take a while to install so go make yourself a cuppa

    I am also assuming that you will know how to install Windows XP onto a normal PC or Laptop. I can cover that later if required

    I do not endorse piracy in any way! Please source your software responsibly!

    When you start VMware you will be presented with this screen:

    Click on New virtual machine.

    At the next prompt choose typical settings:

    Then you will be asked if you would like to "Easy install" the operating system, but what you want to do here is say you will install the operating system later:

    The next screen asks you which operating system you would like to install on the virtual machine. Select Windows XP. (you could use other 32bit operating systems i.e. windows 7 32bit, or vista 32bit.. but I personally recommend XP 32bit)

    For the next part it will ask you how much disk space you would like to allocate for the virtual machine. I set it to 10gb because all that is going on it is XP and TIS. You can however choose whatever size you like. It will be stored as a virtual disk in a file on your pc/laptop hard drive. You may want to use VMware to run other software that is only compatible with 32bit, but if its just TIS, 10gb is perfect:

    In this next part this is completely optional. Mainly it is for if you have copied your TIS disc to your hard drive using imaging software. I just found it easy to do it this way.

    Click the "Customise hardware" button:

    In the little window that comes up next select "CD/DVD Drive" then click the next button:

    In this I will use the second CD/DVD drive exclusively for TIS. You can select the ISO image stored on your hard disk instead of allocating it to a physical drive. It's entirely up to you if you do it like this though. The first CD/DVD drive I left assigned to a physical drive so when I put the windows disk in I can install it straight off the CD(NOTE: make sure the first virtual CD/DVD drive is the one your using to install windows XP with!):

    When you have finished the hardware pane should look like this:

    Now when this is complete you will be presented with the first screen again only there will be a new tab for Windows XP. Now basically you are running a PC in a window. It has a bios and its own hard drives like any normal PC but it is virtual. So the install procedure for a normal PC is the same. Make sure your Windows disk is in the drive and press the Play button. Or "Power on this virtual machine":

    As the virtual hard drive will be unformatted windows setup should detect this and start automatically. So now proceed with installing windows.

    Once you have finished the Setup of windows XP all you have to do really is follow the instructions for installing TIS.

    If anybody gets stuck give me a shout and I will do my best to help

    Anyway I hope this is of use! If anybody else has any PC/MAC "How to" Suggestions let me know and I'll make another one

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    Great guide dead_valentine,

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