How to: E46 coupe Seats in E36 coupe


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Thread: How to: E46 coupe Seats in E36 coupe

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  1. How to: E46 coupe Seats in E36 coupe 
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    I've got a M3 interior from a e46 a week ago, and spent ages on the web searching for a proper direct answer... wasnt that hard anyway, but decided to make a little write up on how to do it :
    First- Youll need a coupe interior from a e46 that will go on to your e36 COUPE!
    ive got the M3 e46

    Next step:
    Undo the seats in the car,they are held by 4 bolts - 2 in the front (getting to them you need to push the seat back) 2 in the back (push seat forward)
    When you have both of the seats - start doing the wiring,
    1. take apart the plug in e46 seat... main 2 wires are brown and red! (red being positive, brown being earth)

    If your car already had electric seats you can use the plug that came with the old seats and just solder it to the e46 seats, if not- i guess youll just need 2 wires for each seat to make it work. Since my car already had electrics i just used the plugs from the old seat-

    Red--> red Brown---> Brown .. easy....
    Once the wiring is done , the fitment holes need to become wider..

    the rear holes need to become bigger by about 3mm facing the dashboard.
    Then just ask for a friendly hand to get them in place, put back the 4 bolts, connect the power cable to them- and your ready to go.
    This is how mine ended up looking

    All electrics work, except for the memory (wasnt really bothered about it...)
    After a great job like that, go for a beer , dont forget the mate that helped you

    Will the seat buckles fit :
    Will all the buttons from e46 seat work:
    Yes except for memory (could make it work , but isint that necessary is it?)
    Will it trigger airbag light ?
    Yes and no, my car only has steeringwheel airbag, so i dont think it has a sensor at all, for you guys with a airbag on the passanger might be tricky.(should be a way arround it, shouldnt be that hard too)
    Good fit?
    Yes, makes no rattles, no squeeky noises, sits lower by about 5cm than original seat- more space + can go that high up that you can touch the roof with your head And the best thing- the handle to get to the back seats make the seat slide forward and bends + acts as a great seatbelt holder.. never failed to catch my seatbelt!

    Thats about it...
    I dont take any responsibility if anything goes wrong, and sorry for any spelling mistakes.
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    Nice one

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