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    Hi all
    I picked up my E36 323i less than 2 weeks ago, and knowing it was a bit poorly brought it anyway.
    Its nothing to bad, ASC ABS lights on, plugged it in and it told me Crankcase sensor, and Maf need replacing aswell.
    This is all pretty straight forward to fix/replace, but what bugged the hell out me was the poor attempt someone had made of breaking in.
    If you going to do it do it properly.LOL
    So the lock needed replacing asap.
    I had already decided to lose the passenger lock, so chose to replace my shitty one with the passenger side.
    Ive read a number of guides/tips around the net, trying to explain the best ways to do this, but my way worked well on both doors, so here we go:

    *Note an extra pair of hands is recommended briefly*

    First obviously remove the door card, a butter knife is best for this.
    Then the sound proofing.
    Next you need to remove both of the window trims.
    Now i used a blunt 1/2 inch wide chisel, and as you look up at the inside of the handle assembly, towards the front, is the dreaded slider.
    Simply wedge your chisel against the slider at the front of the handle, and push against the window bar(big gold coloured bit).
    This releases the outer handle covering (good chance to replace door handle rubbers)
    Then back inside the door you will see a small clip at the front of the handle(match it with the pin on the outside of the handle) Take this off.
    Back outside the door undo the lock ring(tap gently and undo by hand)
    This releases the handle from the door.
    Back inside the door.
    Slightly lower the window until you can see the two connecting bolts to the window slider(big gold bar)
    There are two 10mm bolts attached to the wheels, undo them.
    Now undo the two 10mm gold bolts that hold the window slider to the door.
    On the underside of the door there are two allan key bolts, undo these too.
    Now take the window slider out of the door, and put the window back up.
    Now you will see a small 10mm bolt reclined in the door at the top near the handle, look inside the door, this holds a small black plastic window guide, take it off.
    Now undo the three torx bolts at the back of the door to release the lock.
    You have to lift the lock off of the handle(push up and away), and also the pin (slide it out from the lock).
    Unplug the connectors.
    Now your handle should be loose.
    You now need extra hands.
    Get your extra hands to lift the glass up and twist away from the car, slide the handle to the back of the door and down and in at the same time(few friendly gestures and it will go)
    Be careful, but you will get it.
    Re fit is exactly the reverse.
    It is more challenging to put it back together, but i re stuck my soundproof better, and secured my door card clip holders , plus i now have a de locked passenger door, and a newish door lock on drivers side.(Passenger lock gets used never) Nice!
    I hope this helps, and is not to confusing or blah! blah!

    I take no responsibility for this article, it is an explanation of what worked for me, and is meant as a guide only.

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    Any pics? Both of my keys (master and valet) work on my passenger side lock, but only the valet key works on my driver's side...I'm goind to swap them out.

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