hi dont know if your sorted but could recomend MIJ performance by J10 Walsall im sure they would help you

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Hi guys ive got a 330ci ACS and it has a ac schitzer exhaust on.. It sounds great but I prefer the look of two/four pipes (two each side) I don't mean the m3 look because that's not what I'm after at all..

I took my car to Longlife yesterday and the bloke took a quick look underneath and said a quad/ dual outlet wouldn't be possible.. Now I disagree because there is enough room to put a pipe out without cutting away at the battery box.. I have seen an eisenmann system which has what I want.. But it's expensive.. Gonna be looking at about £1400 at the end of it... And tbh I don't think I want to pay anywhere near that for just the look..

Anyone done this to their 330 or any thoughts/ideas.. And I know I probably should just leave it alone