Hello, I have used this site a lot recently and I thinks it's brilliant, some of the how to's have saved me time and money, and especially from breaking things.
I'm a very enthusiastic diy'r and I love nothing more than doing things properly, total overkill properly.

330d 2002 manual tourer, with all the toys available at the time.

Here's what I have done today

I have fitted a decat, and changed my gt2256v for the gt2260v, swapped the manifold to suit, had to relocate a black plastic tank on the vacuum line as the new turbo's turbine housing outlet was 180 degrees different, and the intercooler hoses now occupy that space.
I have fitted the vortex style crank case breather and an egr bypass.
So here's what I'm asking, do I need different injectors I've checked and the part number seems to be the same for 335d and 330d injectors or are they all lying on eBay?
Will I need a better fuel pump?
And who will I get to do a tailored sensible remap up this part of the world. Inverness Scotland