Hey Folks,

greetings to you all, here in this very nice BMW knowledge place!

For the N42 Engine, there are two kinds of exhaust manifolds available. One with straight pipes and without lambda sensors (3x) and without catalytic converters (2x) and one with both of these.

As I found out, lots of M54 drivers change the ECU Software from Euro 4 or US emissions standards to one with Euro 2 or Euro 3 to remove the catalytic converter and the sensors.

I would like to do this with my N42, to ged rid of the cats and sensors.

The questions I hope u can help me with are:

1) has anyone ever done this before with a N42?
2) does someone have an N42 with EURO 3 or EURO 2 and can confirm to me, that the manifold without sensors and cat is built in?

Thanks a lot!