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    Hello guys, first of all my problem is with the rear diff. My car (320i E90 M-Sport 57-2008) started making a noise from the back end and took it into different garages including BMW Williams and what not, they all said it was the diff... so I took it to a BMW specialist who narrowed it down and said it was the diff bearings, they said they could take it apart and fix the bearings, when they were taking it apart they claimed that the shaft inside the diff shattered so now I have to find a replacement diff I have had a look and the garage has had a look around for a reconditioned diff as I don't have a spare £1500 for a brand new one off BMW. My diff is a 3.45 ratio witch finding one for my car is apparently like getting hold of rocking horse poop . I was wondering if I could use a different ratio diff, I know this changes acceleration and top speed and what not when doing so. Has anyone on here changed there diff ratio and if so what is needed new prop shaft and diff or just diff? most of the diffs I have seen for sale are either 3-bolt ones or 6-bolt ones witch I think are off the e90 M3? and I think mine is a 4-bolt I have attached a photo of the underside of my car with the diff off, so as much help and advise would be very grateful. Thanks in advance
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