Thanks for all the suggestions guys.

In the end I narrowed it down to either a shark performance STS unit, or a superchips Bluefin. Both seemed to be pretty much the same thing from what I could tell, and I've only really seen good reports about them both too.

Was just about set to get the shark one but then I'm pretty sure the price suddenly increased by £50 as I was certain I'd seen it as £349 then next time I looked it was £399, and a different page address for the same product to the one in my browser history. It was dearer than the superchips one to begin with so these factors combined meant I decided to get the Bluefin as the Shark map + their STS box would have come in at £560 inc post, compared to £455 for the Bluefin which seems to more or less do the same thing (maybe without the immobiliser function).

Imagine my joy then when I went to buy the Bluefin and saw them on ebay from DemonTweeks with 40 quid worth of vouchers thrown in, at the same price as elsewhere. Bonus. Then saw I could redeem that against the price, which made the whole thing delivered to be £415. No brainer really, given their history etc and the good reports I'd read.

Got it today (really speedy delivery!) and despite it saying you get the new maps within X hours Mon-Fri, I got my remap file back pretty much instantly.
The Programmer/code reader by the way is built like a tank - extremely good build quality and could perhaps be used as a 'blunt instrument'.

The difference really is impressive, and very pleasing indeed. Yes I realise it's a generic remap which presumably is created so that any car the same as mine in good health will be safe with it. This may mean it's missing a scratching worth of extra bhp/torques that a custom map would give, but I'm pleased enough with it that I'm not worried about that, especially given the fact the cost includes the programmer which can clear ECU faults (not other ones though).

Very pleased with this. Can't compare to other products of a similar ilk, but I'm very happy so far with this and it really suits my scenario & location perfectly.

But if the wife sees what I've spent between the Dynavin and this I'll not be driving the car until all the injuries heal.....

Again - appreciate all the comments here, thanks.