As per title really, I have read through numerous threads regarding remapping the 320d and all have split reactions, im really interested in having my 320d m-sport remapped but my question is will it strain the engine a drivetrain components if it was mapped? please bear in mind that my mileage is 143k although it has been serviced throughout its life, i have de flapped it as well. The car runs well, but i feel its a bit sluggish low down, im not looking for massive bhp figures to boast down the local, i just want a bit more from the car without it being unreliable, I do drive the car hard sometimes but mostly its driven sensibly.
I have been in contact with reidy remaps, and he uses performance 3000's rolling road and he says he can do a custom map made for my car (its literally 3 mins drive from my home and has some good reviews).
Can anyone help me decide if its truly worth doing or not due to reliability issues?