Just finished fitting the m50 manifold and throttle body. Plus the K&N stage 2 induction kit in preparation for the remap. What a difference very responsive throttle and torque as hell o what fun I'll have.

Pointers for fitting it

1. The fuel rail mounting points never lined up so had to make securing brackets
2. The oil return breather/catcher was totally choked removed cleaned and remounted also pipe blocked so removed dip stick holder removed pipe cleaned and refitted. New bracket made for holding it and securing manifold to engine mounting at the mounting point closest to the front of the car.
3. A vacuum pipe coming off the throttle body with no where to go blanked off
4. Throttle body hose to be extended and throttle linkage different
5. Induction kit heat shield had to be modified and fitted

Anybody had this or any comments will give car full service prior to remap