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    Quote Originally Posted by rafletcher View Post
    Or get a solution that allows you easily to switch mapping from tuned to stock.
    The only option here is a plug & play box under the bonnet. they do the job to an extent. I personally wouldn't use them but that is my own opinion.
    BWchiptune can supply a box which will let you switch between tuned to stock called the powergate. But I believe it will show a flash counter issue on BMW's own computer. You're best bet here is to give Jason@BWchiptune a call and see what he would advise.
    It is a very hard decision to make when you have a car under warranty and you want to stay within warranty but you want more power. Some BMW dealers offer a remap themselves these days at a cost of around £1000 (so I have been told), you get a small performance increase but as it is done by BMW they uphold your warranty!
    hope this helps

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  4. Update.... 
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    Hi everyone,
    It's been a while since I started this thread back in early 2012. And during some recent google searches on the same subject I came across my own original thread. So I thought I'd post an update.

    So, I bought a 57 plate Honda Accord CDTi Sport GT from a Honda dealer in Sept 2010. And got it remapped almost immediately. After about 12 months the clutch started slipping, so much so that I eventually took the map off again, ready to trade it in (around the time of originally starting this thread). Surprisingly, at least to me, this completely cured the clutch problems, and thus I still have the Accord. Now at 78k miles, +40k since buying it, and no problems whatsoever (the odd headlight replacement, tyres and brakes only!).
    Anyway, long story short, the Accord doesn't owe me anything anymore and my work life has gone well, so I'm once again looking for a 335d. Not that I ever stopped looking mind.

    That brings me nicely up to the present time, and still with the same questions regarding remapping:
    Has anyone had any major problems associated with the remap?
    Is there a particular age/model 335d I should particularly be looking for?

    I'm local to DMS in Southampton so likely to use them. Although I've been in touch with Simon at Emaps and could meet him when I visit the in-laws in Oxford one weekend.

    Any feedback from Members would be greatly appreciated.
    And if anyone knows a nice 335d for sale ~£15k I'm looking......

    Kind regards,

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    I had an Escort RS Turbo back in the early 80's which was chipped
    and had a switch on the cowling that I could flip from standard bhp to mental!
    It was done by a guy called Ahmed Bajoo who was very well respected in the early remap/chipping days & was based in Hornchurch Essex. Maybe worth a google( he also done my Cossie)

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