2005 E92 320d - EGR valve causing me problems!


Thread: 2005 E92 320d - EGR valve causing me problems!

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  1. 2005 E92 320d - EGR valve causing me problems! 
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    Has anyone had this problem? My (chipped) 320d coupe has a problem with its EGR valve or something associated with it.

    Fuel economy was down and it had a major flat spot from 1700 - 2200 rpm.

    Bought an EGR bypass valve and WOW.. it flew, pulled like it should through the rev range. Only thing is, engine management light came on and wouldn't go out.

    I cleaned out the original EGR valve and it seemed to open when pressed hard with no sooty deposits. Put it back on the car and the flat spot's still there.

    Any ideas on what else to check? Not sure what the small pipe does that attaches to the nipple on it.. could it have a leak? would this effect it? Although the flat spot came back, the engine management light has now gone out. Grrrr!

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    Unfortunately the engine light will come on if you have the EGR disconnected, a way round this is to limit the amount of EGR that gets in there, this can be done like this with a copper end stop obtainable from B&Q, 22mm IIRC.


    Be a good idea to get the fault codes read first and speak to the main dealer about if there is a DDE(ECU) update for your engine, otherwise you could get them to reduce the amount of EGR that is ingested by adjusting it on the ECU.

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