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Tuning box's are ok but they work on a % increase all the time.
Were a re-map can have the same increase as the tuning box but when its needed..
So when your sitting at the lights a tuning box will still be asking for 7% more fuel etc.. Thats way some newer car's after time will bring up errors.(not good when its not needed)

As with Motech remap (cant speak for others) Our tuning kick’s in over 50% loud the throttle making a much nicer drive with no smoke etc etc..

Just think about how much throttle you use when sitting at 70mph. Our mapping at 70mph would read from the stock file if you like. When put your foot down then it reads from a different set of load maps giving you the power on request. A tuning box will give a % all the time..

So there fine as long as your happy on how they work and why a re-map is better .

I have a question on this - warranty and BMW firmware/software updates; Are these remaps detectable by BMW when the car goes in for a service? Is it possible for BMW to inadvertently delete the remap when carrying out an update?

Things like the DTUK and Spider boxes appeal to people because they can plug them in and remove them whenever they want, so car goes in for a service and it's just a case of unplugging the box.

I have a slight interest in this because I've just ordered a 320d as a company car, and if something can make the car more spritely without breaking the bank as well as the main dealer throwing a wobbly and the leasing company getting arsey, it's something to consider I think