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anyone know the best place for a remap in cornwall closer to redruth/truro the better and roughly how much it will cost for a 2001 330ci
Hi Matty, I got my 330ci superchip remapped and had the speed limiter derestricted at the same time for 234 at a Renault dealer in the Penryn area, if you look up superchip website for dealer locations it will give you exact address. The gain is 14bhp but this is mid range and was noticeable straight away with very smooth throttle response. As for the derestriction initially could not tell as i could only get 151mph with standard exhaust fitted, (only know cause i live in germany and can do them speeds legally!). When i got the scorpion cat back fitted i was happily driving down the autobahn and realised i was doing 157mph and almost come in my pants!! Hope this is of help.