Just bought myself a diagnostics cable & INPA software due to my car breaking down last week need some advice...

Firstly the car had been standing still for about 2 weeks, filled her up with fuel and got driving for about 15mins. Engine stalled approaching a roundabout, re-started her & then ran very lumpy thereafter. Called out RAC who couldn't find fault as they did not have diagnostic cable on them and ended up towing me home. They suggested an air leak could be causing the problem or fuel starvation.

After some thinking I changed the fuel filter, thought a slug had stirred up and clogged the filter up. Took her out for a spin and all seemed OK.

Hooked up INPA yesterday and started digging for information, found a "Phase Sensor Fault" which had several Error frequencies (started to get worried!) and also displayed some misfire faults.

After much googling people with this fault have replaced the Camshaft Sensor on the front of the engine - do i need to do this? - I dont want to start replacing sensors for the hell of it!

Engine roughness readings were (when engine cold):

Cyl 1 63
Cyl 3 133
Cyl 4 205
Cyl 2 68

Havent had a chance to do a warm engine readings yet..

As you can see values are not consistent throughout - should they be?

Any advice much appreciated. New to the INPA system but starting to understand how to use it..