1996 E36 328i Touring, is it worth a remap?


Thread: 1996 E36 328i Touring, is it worth a remap?

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  1. 1996 E36 328i Touring, is it worth a remap? 
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    Hi folks. I've done the M50 manifold conversion with the bigger throttle body, de-cat and Ac Schnitzer back box on my 328i. (soon to be changed for a Scorpion back box)
    My question is will there be any big advantages to getting the ECU mapped or flashed?
    On my Skyline it was must, but I also have a stand alone ECU on that so live-mapping isn't an issue. I know that the Bmw can't be live-mapped so how does it work, is it just a generic map that is used on all of them as a tailored one cant be done?
    I just wanted a little feedback from people who have had it done, i.e
    performance gains, fuel consumption etc before I go spend my heard earned cash!
    Cheers all

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    BMW ecus can be live mapped, but it's not easy.
    The ECU needs to be opened, the memory chip removed and a socket soldered in place.
    This then connects to an emulator ran by a laptop that simulates the memory chip.
    That allows you to then make changes in real time but it is a lot of work for slight improvements over a regular remap.
    The term "generic" gets thrown about as if it is something bad which is a slight misnomer from the tuning industry that has escaped and is a little hard to explain, but here goes...

    For your basic tuning, you'd be adjusting the fueling and ignition timing tables which are often easy to find due to their size. You can just add a certain percent in an area like 5% more fuel or advance which is a pretty basic tweak done on a car / ECU that the tuner would be inexperienced in.

    Most tuners are well experienced in the cars they are tuning and have long since tried and tested maps, slowly evolving so tarring them with the same brush isn't fair, but you can see where it stems from.

    Although they don't NEED a remap like maybe the 'liner would under certain situations, but they can help.
    Imagine it like the icing on a cake. It's still a cake but that bit nicer with icing!

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