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  1. '05 120d Sport - Engine Rebuild - Advice needed! 
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    Hi guys,

    Not a BMW owner myself, but I know how useful these kinda forums can be when you are having problems.. My friend has a '05 BMW 120d Sport, which has recently had a fairly major failure. Basically there was a lot of smoke coming from the engine and it was also using oil - so he took it to a garage. The garage said that they were unable to start the car and would have to strip the engine to find out the problem. Not having a lot of choice, he told them to proceed and now they have told him that there was piston ring failure and that the turbo and injectorss would need replacing! They're trying to push him into a replacement engine - but in my experience you could end up buying another duff lump if you're not careful. I also think it highly unlikely that the turbo AND injectors all need replacing.

    My friend lives in Leeds and I'm going to try and help him out a little today. My advice would be to get his existing engine re-conditioned - my gut feeling is the turbo should be fine and just need a little cleaning from all the oil - maybe an injector too??

    Can anyone recommend a cheap-ish garage to use in the west yorkshire area? My friend will get his car transported (or engine) to wherever is best suited.

    Also - now the engine is stripped, are there cheaper aftermarket parts which can be used instead of BMW parts? My guess was it would be cheaper to up-rate the engine than use proper BMW parts.

    All advice and input will be gratefully recieved, thanks in advance..


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    That actually sounds like a dead turbo to me but if the block is knackered your best bet is call Quarry motors in Sheffeild, thet are the biggest breakers of BMW's in teh country and will supply and fit a good second hand block.

    If it is not the turbo then I suspect it has dropped a swirl flap which takes just about everything out on it way through, might even have killed the turbo, injectors should be OK but one may need a new nozzle.

    A new block is about £1500-2000 fitted plus £500-1000 if the turbo is dead, the cost of a rebuild including parts is going to be about the same if you are paying for labour, as a DIY job is about £400-2000 again depending on the turbo. It just dependeds what has been damaged, it could just need a new piston, new vavles and a rebuild but don't forget even the head gasket is £170 on these things and you need special tools to realign the valve timing.

    Look up dead valentines rebuild thread to give you an idea of the effort, his crank shaft snapped

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