Hi All,
I was wondering if I could get some help from all the E36 owners out there. I am trying to buy some car mats, but I do not have any confidence that the mats from online websites will have the hole for the fixing point in the right place. Please see link below for one website that urges me to check the photo for shape and fixing points. Their photo shows the hole in the middle of the bottom edge of the mat.

BMW 3-Series E36 Estate,Touring 1992 - 1998 (1 Clip) Mats

You can clearly see from the photo below that the fixing point on the floor of my car is in the bottom right corner. It seems obvious to me that the mat in the photo on the website will not be able to be fixed to the floor of my car, unless I am brain dead and missing something. I am willing to be proved brain dead if this is the case. Apologies for the sideways photo. It doesn't seem to matter what orientation the original file is in, it always uploads sideways.


Some other websites say that they have the fixing points in the correct place for your vehicle. One of the websites photos has it in the same place as the one in the link above.

Where does everyone else get their mats from and are the fixing points in the right place? Is your fixing point in the same place as mine in the photo. I would assume that all E36s have the fixing point in the same place???
Any advice appreciated.