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  1. BMW 320D 2004 E46 Strange Power Issues 
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    Hello Everyone, hoping someone can help.

    I just want to say that I am quite a novice when it comes to cars so ill try my best to explain in detail. I'll start from the beginning so hopefully my issues will be clear.

    I accelerated hard into a corner and my wheels spun and I heard a loud bang I believe to be from the exhaust. My car immediately lost power and I parked up and left it for a few hours while visiting a friend. On my drive home I still had no power and the check engine light had come on. The next day my car wouldn't start unless I removed the MAF connector so I assumed that was the fault. I had the MAF changed and the check engine light cleared however the power loss is still there. The car feels very sluggish until about 2000-2500rpm, there is literally no power and the engine check light has come on again. I ran a check via an OBD2 adapter and the error code that came up is P3263.

    Now the strange part, or at least to me, is that after the engine has heated (5-10mins), all the power comes back and the car drives like normal. I've read that the MAF might need to be recoded to the ECU, I tried disconnecting the battery for an hour to reset values but that did nothing. Another thing is that in the morning, after the car has been left for several hours, it takes around 4-5 tries for the car to start. The car starts however it immediately cuts out and each time after that it lasts a little longer until it just runs.

    The local garage thinks its the turbo however the i have no smoke issues and my oil is fine. They also ran some diagnostics and i believe the glow plugs 1-4 came up as well as the Oxygen sensor and MAF which is odd because its brand new.

    I've done some research but found nothing that really relates to my issue, especially since all the power comes back after 5-10mins of driving. Nonetheless I ordered a MAP sensor and will try to see if that is the problem however I am just guessing at this point.

    Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Firstly your maf doesn't need coding to your car.
    Secondly glow errors wont cause loss of power.
    Buying random parts can soon become very costly.
    Id hazard a guess at the turbo actuator electronics,these can give trouble.

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