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  1. e39 525d 03 what OBD2 what scanner for max 50 quid
  2. E36 power drain issue.
  3. Cheaper OBDII reader? Carly?
  4. NCS expert shows module.
  5. E60 2004 SP Daten files and update
  6. Windows 10 and INPA software/cable or Bavarian Technician tool?
  7. Diagnostics for 2010 X1 E84
  8. JBBF - what does the H OR L stand for?
  9. HU recoding to HiFi in the north west UK
  10. Cold Starting Issues
  11. 2006 E90 320si - What INPA files are need to work with N45B20
  12. Cant enter engine module via inpa Sys-0005 error
  13. bcables sss progman problem
  14. E64 BMW Code new Climate Controls
  15. 1999 e36 323 & Creator C310 Diagnostic Tool
  16. inpa not working - Entery point not found?
  17. Best cable and software?
  18. 2006 E90 320d M Sport
  19. INPA Great, only two small questions
  20. Bmw basic tools 2.12 obd install error - need help.
  21. Looking for INPA Download, can anyone help?
  22. starting out with diagnostics
  23. Bmw Standard Tools INPA Fxx
  24. Exhaust nox sensor
  25. INPA for windows 8, N-1st Jolting
  26. Just a little Help
  27. Would INPA know if air con was low on gas?
  28. DME/EWS issue, coding
  29. bmw 320d 2002 e46
  30. 2006 E92 325i. Coding required Liverpool/Aintree area
  31. 2010 E63 635d - TIS, DIS, INPA, Rheingold, K-line, D-CAN etc .. what do I need?
  32. INPA user guide?
  33. Remote help wanted to get NCS Expert working
  34. 645 ci 2004 sat nav upgrade
  35. Ncs expert and lead needed!!
  36. Recoding M-ASK on 525d e602004
  37. Looking for an OBD tool, what are your reccomendations & experiences?
  38. Best handheld OBD2 reader for E92? Carly, Foxwell?
  39. Installing Inpa
  40. DIS Cable Midlands
  41. E93 Config help around Swindon?
  42. Auto electrical
  43. E39 ABS error code: 23 Incorrect Coding
  44. Can someone enlighten me please!
  45. Anyone in or around York able to clear an airbag light for me?
  46. Electrical problems, a why is this question
  47. BMW Diagnostic S/W for Windows 10
  48. bmw 318i
  49. 2005 E46 330Ci Bluetooth ELM327 ODBII scanner
  50. e60 2007 k+dcan utility 2.0 error : echo k-line. what to do?
  51. Assistance needed with C110 scanner.
  52. colelect
  53. 2002 e46 320d actual air mass reading -1500 no boost
  54. INPA Light Module Issue - E60
  55. Laptop died. NCS Expert help needed
  56. Clearing errors whilst driving using c110 scanner.(Update)yes you can.
  57. Newbie first bimmer 02 e46 very
  58. Carly for BMW diagnostics...
  59. Other software for fault code reading e36 (not INPA)
  60. e90 320d weird 486D error code
  61. Intermittent Fault on Remote Central Locking - 320D 2011
  62. E92 ODB Not Recognised
  63. DIS v57 - Setting idle RPM, always 100 RPM above what I set.
  64. 118d audio system.. no sound!!!
  65. AGS/TCM error"s How acurate are they?
  66. Injector coding
  67. Z4 Roof will not open
  68. Coding / Activating or deactivating 'options'
  69. Problems using obd scanner with x5
  70. injector coding
  71. 120 Vehicle Speed Error
  72. Dcan switched lead not found.
  73. BMW Diagnostic Interface ID
  74. E60 Airbag Fault code 93d7 please help
  75. Injector fault dis v57
  76. Inpa Ads help required IFH-0009 error
  77. NCS Expert - 93AE and 93AF Errors
  78. DME331 for the M50 without EWS
  79. Anyone have a comprehensive guide on how to build an ADS inter. for an e36 m3 evolution, urgent help needed!
  80. Looking for INPA 5.0.6 update and f-series scripts
  81. Need french data dis v57 of update dis v57 french
  82. Diagnostic Software question
  83. System Requirements BMW diagnostic Software for ADS link
  85. inpa error memory test error
  86. Why won't INPA connect to my 94 M3? Wiring in CEL better option?
  87. 29f3 Fuel low pressure sensor electric
  88. Help: Info on Chassis Number
  89. Several errors found thought in INPA
  90. E46 - 330i Airbag light
  91. [2002 BMW 320d] - How to code diesel injectors using DIS/GT1
  92. Flashing MS41.0 M52B28 ECU to newer OEM firmware with winfkp. Need ZUSB #
  93. BMW 320D ED model 2011 help with Coding Mods
  94. Right software to use on my 320D E90
  95. INPA smg bleeding and adaption. Over runs the timer ?
  96. have you used a 'mechanics ears' device
  97. Diagnostic cable modification; join or cut+join?
  98. INPA E36 OBD - Airbag works but cant reach DME, missing prg files?
  99. CORRECTS SETTINGS TO USE dis v57 AND sss v32 (virtual machine)
  100. vehicle order change using NCS expert?
  101. INPA - No option for IMA adjustment E46
  102. PROBLEM to start Rheingold! Need HELP Please
  103. ISTA/D - working !!!!!
  104. BMW inpa/dis etc does it allow you to upgrade firmware or software on the car?
  105. Can i do this with the diagnostic/software?
  106. HELP! Dis v57 error 200.159
  107. Use Dis v57 without serial port/serial adaptapter
  108. HELP! Diaghead emulator!
  109. Group file D_motor, D_0012 SYS-0012 identification error
  110. Dead INPA leads, FTDIgate hits BMW
  111. Help installing TIs
  112. Killed my car!
  113. BMW INPA list of variables
  114. E38/E39, how to copy service interval values to a new cluster?
  115. Can anyone help? Surrey / Sussex
  116. Autologic vehicle order??
  117. ista 3.41 problem
  118. Problem INPA E39 520i HELP PLEASE!
  119. INPA not running right?
  120. 2006 E61 can anyone resett my Short Cct Counter please
  121. Autel eu702 will not erase ABS codes
  122. code reader
  123. 2006 E61 530i Light Control Module Reset
  124. INPA FOR Z4 E89 2010 model
  125. e46 320 cutting out hard to start
  126. E36 3.0 diagnostics
  127. E46 Airbag Light - INPA Report
  128. INPA problem
  129. Anyone near Slough/Windsor area with a working copy of INPA? Please read!
  130. IMPA software
  131. Please help whit error during bmw sss program what can i doo ??
  132. MS41.0 Diagnostics (528i 1996 Engine)
  133. INPA sys error
  134. SRS Airbag Fault Codes
  135. 1993 E36 325i Could not connect to ECU
  136. INPA error #98 with ADS. '95 E36 Euro M3
  137. help to code ZCS e39. after writhing new zcs my car wont start help help
  138. Lew(Steering angle sensor) Eeprom files e39
  139. Diagnostic software install help!
  140. 1998 E36 328i - NCS Expert Error Code GM4 Module
  141. e46 316 - which diagnostic tool? Can anyone recommend this one?
  142. can't get my inpa to connect to my car
  143. SSS Progman..... difficulties
  144. Activate fogs as drls
  145. Diagnostics for alpina
  146. Using NCS Expert
  147. Error Code messages
  148. Which Software to Code an Exx
  149. Connect to BMW ECU
  150. Bluetooth Android obd device anyone use one?
  151. 2005 E87 116i - Cheap airbag light reset tool?
  152. Best place to buy B800 airbag reset tool
  153. Urgent help, problem with diagnostics, e36 m3 -software
  154. 2001 e46 318i INPA works for all modules except airbag
  155. Not able to read fault codes
  156. 2010 F11 530D SE - diagnostics/ coder?
  157. obd cable/dis connection-youtube vid
  158. Ecu shut down
  159. INPA only fault is 228
  160. E87 2.0d Engine Cough between 1500 - 2500 RPM - INPA Output
  161. power folding mirrors coding e46
  162. OBD 2 scanner recommendations please
  163. E61 coding help/advice for CCC
  164. Cheap bare bones full ADS interface for INPA....
  165. E46 folding mirror module behind glovebox,can it be coded to the keyfob?
  166. e46 325 2001 - carsoft simple question
  167. E39 2001 E39 - Dashboard Indicator not working.
  168. INPA DDE Module - unable to connect - all other modules ok
  169. undo my stupidity
  170. Help. E90 radio saying 'telephone active' cannot play cds or listen to radio
  171. Please help
  172. Diagnostics Cable? Can anyone recommend this one?
  173. 2008 E91 325D Diagnostic tool functions
  174. need help installing dis
  175. Bmw inpa windows 8 help
  176. E91 SZL Failure
  177. In INPA, where to find diesel particular filter regen details?
  178. Guide: INPA/Ediabas installation tutorial, SP_Daten E89 v50.2 files and ect.
  179. Dis v57 Diagnostic Head Sub Mask
  180. Latest Ediabas, INPA, E89 chassis ECU/Modules update files and ect
  181. 1995 525i se That locks me in and out the car randomly
  182. Easy dis problems
  183. E46 330d MAF coding needed
  184. 'wiring supply voltage' code. ABS problems. Help!!!
  185. Worrking INPA in west midlands?
  186. INPA from ebay?
  187. Mini R50 Misfire Diagnosis using INPA
  188. 2004 e60 530d - Airbag, Parking sensors and engine faults on inpa
  189. 2004/04 BMW E64 iDrive problems, multiple intermittent errors
  190. HELP car won't start
  191. 2003 E46 320 coupe yaw sensor fault
  192. 2008 E60 520d - diagnostic (DDE - diesel electronics - 8/faults)
  193. Unable to code/ program new DSC/ABS ecu on e39 using NcsExpert
  194. BMW 316ti starting problem......
  195. help, cant get sss to retrieve info from my car
  196. E60 Inpa service lights
  197. INPA results - air mass too high , time injection too low
  198. 1995 E36 320i - DIY check engine light install problems.
  199. 530d touring Ncs revtors profile
  200. 1994 E36 318i - B800 SRS Reset Tool
  201. Can anybody offer remote WinKFP (EGS) coding?
  202. E46 - Retrofitting Xenons - Amps (Midlands)
  203. 2006 530d m sport auto diagnostics software
  204. hi looking for advice on software
  205. DIS v57 on post August 2009 builds, specifically E92 LCI
  206. HELP PLEASE! BMW-WDS cd won't show diagrams just blank white page..........
  207. E90 fault code
  208. Weird sound from N43 engine (520i E61)
  209. F07 530d gt 2010 pad reset ?
  210. 1997 e36 m52b28 INPA IFH-0003 Error
  211. Power loss 2004 320d
  212. OBD2 generic scantools/ handheld code readers and your BMW
  213. 1996 E36 318ti - Control unit not found INPA
  214. I have problem with LCM for my car e39 2002
  215. Bm tech or Bavarian tech
  216. iPhone/Android OBD2 reader
  217. Reset oil service light.
  218. Enabling the CD drive to play MP3s with DIS/SSS
  219. car trouble
  220. 2006 E46 airbag light
  221. Is there a INPA basic user guide somewhere?
  222. Few BMW INPA Questions - New User :) Screenshots included...
  223. DIS issues
  224. HELP!!! INPA Expert Problem Coding!!
  225. SSS V32 - VMware Player issue. Incorrect resolution 1024x760
  226. Does bmw scanner 1.4.0 show MAF figures???
  227. Inpa for older cars with new laptop
  228. rear suspension levelling system e61 touring 2005 530d
  229. Anyone in the Lincolnshire area able to do a diagnostic on my 318ti??
  230. 1996 E36 Diagnostic options, ADS
  231. help to interpret INPA injector readings
  232. Any one got inpa or similar in or around dudley/Birmingham help please
  233. Error codes
  234. e46 2003 diagnostics
  235. BMW SSS Sorry if ask same question that someels may asked
  236. Ews interface error, changing code incorrect, key not working 2005 E46 M3
  237. Can't find adaption menu in INPA 502
  238. INPA 'yes' / DIS 'no'
  239. Torque Android App
  240. Cant get SSS progman connected?
  241. Digital Speedo?
  242. E36 M3 diagnostic tool, which one??
  243. BMTechnics purchase
  244. Coding power fold mirrors
  245. 2002 318i compact missfire and flashing eng mang light?
  246. Newbie help with module coding
  247. Software installation for Coding, Programming, Diagnosis INPA/EDIABAS/DIS/NFS/NCS
  248. bmw 2006 320d - passenger seat occupancy mat needs switching off via ncs expert , please help will pay you
  249. Newbie to diagnostics, what do i need?
  250. Help with Error Memory Report INPA